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John holding the antlers of a large mule deer buck after a successful hunt. The snow is falling all around him.

Photo by Kevin Kossowan

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A hunting, fly fishing, and wild food journey

Food Afield Podcast

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John Schneider and his Hunting, Fly Fishing, wild foods Podcast

This project started simply as a way to document and archive the outdoor adventures and wild food ingredients that John and his friends enjoy on a regular basis. Traditional bowhunting, hunting, fly fishing, foraging, backcountry camping, and cooking over open fires are common occurrences. The hunting and fly fishing podcast episodes that we record and share are meant to inspire you to get outside and enjoy the adventure yourself. Within this website, along with the show itself, you'll find all kinds of helpful information to help you on your own wild foods journey. Please take your time and explore all that we've worked to prepare for you...we're so glad you are here!

Behind the Scenes of the Hunting fishing Podcast | how-to articles | podcast episode transcripts, and wild foods recipes.

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John is sitting on a rocky slop. A raging mountain stream flows below where he sits. He holds an antique recurve bow and is wearing a canvas backpack.

John Schneider

John has devoted most of his life to the pursuit of wild food ingredients. Hunting, fishing, and wild food have been both a passion and livelihood throughout the years. 

Each week join John and his guests in the pursuit of wild food ingredients on the Food Afield Podcast!

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