The courses we offer are designed for beginners, folks who are curious, or anyone who is interested in the world of wild food ingredients and how we collect them.

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More than three decades ago, I picked up the first fly rod of my life and excitedly flailed it back and forth. I was suffering great anxiety at the sight of the many Grayling frantically feeding all around me on floating insects in an arctic river. It was my friend Charlie's rod. Charlie was in his seventies and was the head guide at the fishing lodge where I was employed for the summer. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him smiling at me as I attempted my first casts. It must have been entertaining for him to see me so excited, thrashing the fly line above my head. 

On that summer evening on the Stark River, when the first fish suddenly splashed and inhaled my awkwardly presented fly, I was hooked too. My passion for fly fishing grew from there and has never ceased. 

The Fly Fishing 101 course that we offer is exactly what I wish I had access to all of those years ago. We'll get you pointed in the right direction and fill you with the confidence you will need to be able to get started down your own wonderful fly fishing journey.

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Traditional Bowhunting 101

Coming soon! 

An introduction to the world of traditional and primitive archery and bowhunting. Prepare for a new love in your life.

Details to be updated May 2022

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Whitetail Butchery