Season 4

Season 4 Premium Episodes are here, and the new season is going to be amazing!


We plan on resuming our travels to visit with friends and to hunt and fish in beautiful places. From Vancouver Island Black Bears and the rivers and streams of the Yukon Territories all the way to the grasslands of southern Alberta, we'll take you to meet fascinating people and equally fascinating wild ingredient adventures.

To avoid advertisements, or become beholden to sponsor's ideas on how to produce the show, we have decided to offer these premium episodes for less than the cost of a latte each.


The Premium Episodes are recorded in high-quality, ultra-wide stereo. They capture the whole story along with the sounds of the fields, streams, and campsites where our hunting and fishing adventures take place. 

Free episodes will continue to be produced and can be heard everywhere that you already listen to podcasts. These are the typical remote interview styled podcast episodes.

We hope you enjoy the Food Afield Podcast and that you help spread the word by sharing with friends and family! 

John Schneider


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Lake Trout on ice

What Our Listeners Are Saying

@_fitzy17_ - Mike Fitz

The first time I became aware of John was on the 'From The Wild' series. Being a big fan of that show, it has led me to following him on various platforms. Love this stuff John! Keep it up, I'm learning so much"