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John's favourite episodes, curated into playlists that you can stream, download, and listen for hours. Perfect for long road trips, commutes, or just a lazy Sunday afternoon at home.


These playlists are available for download on a name-your-price basis. It can be as little as $0, but anything you can do to support the show is appreciated. 

Fly Fishing Adventures Playlist - S4

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Seven episodes and more than six hours of listening! Here are the best episodes from S4 that take you out onto the trout streams with John and his guests. These episodes are recorded on-location while we're fishing. They are loaded with entertainment and fun, as well as fly fishing tips and knowledge. 

Kevin's Cranes_edited_edited.jpg

Big Game Adventures Playlist

Six episodes and almost five hours of listening pleasure. Here is the playlist of John's favourite big game hunting expedition episodes. These episodes are loaded with drama, beauty, and hunting knowledge that we've accumulated over the years. This playlist will keep your ears happy for the long haul. 

Almost three hours of bird-hunting adventures. Grouse to Sandhill Cranes! We'll definitely add to this playlist as soon as we can. Birds are such a tremendous wild food outcome. 

The Bird Hunting Episodes

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