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More subscriptions mean more episodes keep being produced. It is as simple as that. The more episodes we can produce over the years, the more ears hear our message to get outside and respect and enjoy wild spaces and wild foods.


The more people who care about our wilderness, the more likely it is that those places stay protected. It is a large & wonderful circle of the conservation of our hunting and fishing heritage!


The sustainability of the Food Afield Podcast does rely on the generous financial support that comes from member subscriptions. Currently, it is our only form of monetization for the show. In order to keep episodes relatively sponsor-free for the foreseeable future, subscription income is used to recover costs related to producing the show. The goal is to be completely self-sustaining with members' content alone, so we really appreciate your support.

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Mark and Curtis sitting in the turkey woods. Mark is smiling and wearing a brown plaid wool jacket and wool cap.

Food Afield Podcast Members

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    What are the benefits?
    • Support our mission to preserve the hunting heritage
    • Backstage links to special podcast recordings
    • A warm fuzzy feeling!
    • Monthly giveaways (not stickers and t-shirts)
    • Ad-free downloadable & member exclusive podcast episodes
    • Help to keep the podcast's lights on!
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