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Fly Fishing Highlights From Season Four

Updated: Jan 24

I figured that I could squeeze the season four highlights into two episodes. Fail. There will be a third episode sometime soon that covers the remainder of the season four highlights. That one will be primarily focused on the fall hunting season.

As I was editing this latest highlight reel episode, I simply could not bring myself to delete clips and ended up with an episode of some of the best bits from last season that were all about the fly fishing. I hadn't planned it this way...happy accident.

Back at the farm after one thousand kilometers on a vintage 70's bike.

This episode starts off with the moto-flyfishing expedition with Kevin and Melissa. I've always wanted to experience a fly fishing trip on the motorcycle and finally did just that last summer. It was indeed an adventure! The kickstart broke less than halfway through the trip...there were other mishaps too, all of them minor. Overall, it was so much fun to be on the road on a vintage bike.

We caught a bunch of fish on this favourite river, and Mel caught a huge cutthroat with her new fly-fishing skills!

This trip will feature in the current season of From The Wild.


The next episode featured in the highlights reel is number 38, "Erin and Lisa Learn to Fly Fish". This episode was so much fun to produce. Erin and Lisa have become good friends since we recorded this, and are the kind of folks who simply make me smile, constantly. If you go back and listen to the original episode you'll hear just how much fun we have. This was their first time ever on a trout stream! We caught a bunch of small trout and grayling. Plans are underway now for future trips with these two, so you'll be hearing more from them in season 5.