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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Season 4 of the Food Afield Podcast will be special. Exclusively recorded in the field, and in the pursuit of wild food ingredients.

For the first time, The Food Afield Podcast episodes will be available for purchase directly from foodafieldpodcast.com. These episodes are already in the process being recorded and will be made available beginning sometime in December 2021. There are currently 12 episodes planned for season 4. Additional, free content may be produced from time to time and will be made available on the current podcast platforms that we occupy. For now, the premium episodes will be available on this website exclusively.

“Tired of the algorithm and censoring games on social media; here, finally, is the website I've always wanted. Content that I want to produce and share. Things I want to talk about, write about and show like-minded people.” - John Schneider

By recording podcasts as they happen in the field, while we are hunting and fishing, we hope to provide both entertainment and educational content. While we still enjoy speaking with guests, these interview style shows will not be included in the premium content. If we do record a show like that, it will be located on our current podcast host platforms such as Spotify and Anchor.fm.

Planned Episodes for Season 4

Last year John had several trips cancelled due the covid limitations. Hopefully not the case this coming year, trips are planned! The first couple episodes of Season 4 of the #foodafieldpodcast are already being recorded. As of this writing, John is busy in the field with his vintage recurve trying to break the drought of harvesting a #whitetaildeer. Kevin Kossowan and John have also already spent some time in the big timber of the boreal forest looking for whitetail bucks with rifle, and they do plan to focus hard on that endeavour in mid November during the rut.

Beginning in May John hopes that the plans don't get scuttled again for the Vancouver Island Black Bear hunt with Chef Jade Berg. Jade has already appeared on the podcast in the Blacktail Burrito episode from July 2020. Jade is currently filming episodes of a yet to be disclosed reality tv show. Together, Jade and John plan to hunt the highland forests for huge Black Bear and spend a lot of time cooking and laughing around the fire.

John Schneider, host of the Food Afield Podcast is pictured in a dramatically lit photograph at night, while skinning his huge bear from the spring of 2021
Photo by Kevin Kossowan

Other highlights for 2022 include a longtime dreamt of trip to the Yukon to fly fish mountain streams and rivers for huge Grayling. John has a thing for grayling to be sure since his time spent as a professional fishing guide in the Northwest Territories. There are fond memories of Grayling shore lunches from those guiding days, and the desire to re-visit that wild food ingredient is too strong to ignore any longer.

More episodes will be recorded, as always, while on the set of Kevin Kossowan's award winning show From The Wild where there are always interesting places to visit and wild food ingredients and cooking to explore.

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