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The Way I Am

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I get fun poked at me by some acquaintances for the way I am with certain things in my outdoor activities. It is a passive aggressive way of letting me know that I am outside the norms of the modern outdoors world. Usually, people who tease me are assuming that I am being cute, elitist, or instagood.

I try to distance myself from those folks, at least a little. It is draining to hear other people's negative opinions on things that I like. From the time I was young, I have simply wanted to do what I want to do. Period. I suspect that you feel the same way.

This attitude has, very often, not worked out to my benefit you understand. Frequently, it has been self-destructive. It is called stubbornness. Stupidity even. Whatever. As long as you are reading this and know that I know that I am flawed, we can proceed.



This is the first thing that usually gets the haters in my life fired up. They automatically think that I am trying to be hipster.

I don't even know what hipster is, not lying. I've never looked up the definition, and I am not going to do so for this piece either. There is no question that I am definitely not trying to be that. I am not even sure why it would be a bad thing to be considered hipster? Is it a bad thing? I don't simply isn't why I adore the retro items in my kit or closet. I am also certain that hipsters don't own the fashion of 'vintage' either, so I give myself permission to go there.

I like retro because it almost always stirs my imagination. I like to wonder where the 1950's Japanese-made fly rod carry box has been over the past 70 years. What about that antique brass skeleton fly reel that is so old and obscure that I simply cannot find any information about it online? I have no idea who first purchased these products or where. I often do not know where they have spent all of the past decades, in an attic or garage shelf? Proudly displayed in someone's home office? Or did they spend a good amount of their time, doing the things they were designed to do, in the outdoors? The reel and the fly rod box both have stories to tell I am sure. I do not hear these stories, I simply feel them. I sense the history. The feeling is romantic and pleasant.