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Nationally Published Articles and Books That John has Appeared in, or Authored.

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Northern Lights Bucks - Written by John Schneider and E. Donnall Thomas Jr. 

The story of a successful whitetail hunt while Don was in Alberta. Don stayed with John and his family during this hunt. This was John's first nationally published article. To be co-written with a legend like Don Thomas is an honor.

This issue can still be back-ordered here!

The Return of the Little Delta Bow - Written by John Schneider

The story of a 1950's Bear Kodiak recurve that traveled across N. America from hunter to hunter. John had possession of this bow in November '03 and killed a really nice whitetail buck with it!


Backorder this issue here

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Stalking Boreal Bruins - Written by John Schneider

This is the story of John's big bear while hunting the boreal forest of N Alberta. Stalking to within 50 yards of the huge boar ended with a freezer full of the best wild food ever! 

The article, in its entirety, can be read here!

Wild Cuisine - Written by John Schneider

The story of John's big buck with the 1957 Kodiak recurve...and all of that glorious neck venison! 

Back orders can be found here.


This is a wonderful book written by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

John (and Cindy) appear in the book in chapter 16 "Northern Lights Bucks". Click on the book title to go to Don's bookstore. You can also buy his books at all of the major book retailers. 

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