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John sitting in a tree during a blizzard. He is bowhunting and is covered in snow. His cap and beard are covered in icicles.

What is the Food Afield Podcast About?

Please come join us on a hunting and fly fishing, wild food journey!


The Food Afield Podcast is documentary-style and expeditionary in nature. The episodes share the experiences of acquiring wild food ingredients as the adventures unfold. The sounds of the western Canadian fields, streams, and forests where we hunt and fish are recorded in high-quality, ultra-wide stereo. The audio story of the hunt, backcountry camping, and all of the aspects of outdoor adventure is fully explored. We also share these adventures with readers in our Gazette.

Additionally, a few of the episodes are more traditional, consisting of sit-down interviews with interesting guests across the spectrum of outdoor adventure. Usually, we discuss upcoming wild food expeditions, techniques, and anything else we're interested in talking about related to wild food. The focus is usually on traditional bowhunting and fly fishing, but there is an increasing interest in upland and migratory bird hunting as well as foraging for wild veg and spices. 

We invite you to join host John Schneider over on the Facebook page, as he takes you into the field, and around the campfire, learning about wild food ingredients and how to acquire them.


All of the Food Afield episodes can be heard on Apple, Spotify, or wherever quality podcasts are heard. Podcast listening platforms with an existing community of the show's followers include Goodpods and Castbox.

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Podcast Appearances

Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 10.05_edited.jpg

The Hunter Conservationist Podcast

  • Spotify

July 15th episode of The Hunter Conservationist Podcast by Mark Hall - Traditional Bowhunting

Fly Fishing Insider Podcast episode 184 cover art.

Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

  • Spotify

Host of the podcast, Christian Bacasa, invites John on the show to chat about fly fishing for wild food. 

Hunter Conservationist Podcast cover art.

Hunter Conservationist Podcast

  • Spotify

Bear hunting primer episode, April 1, 2022

Hunter Conservationist Podcast cover art

Hunter Conservationist Podcast

  • Spotify

December 2021 episode...Food Outcomes with John Schneider and Kevin Kossowan

Fly Fishing 97 Podcast episode cover art

The Fly Fishing 97 Podcast

  • Spotify

John is a guest on episode 153 of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast by Mark Hopley

hunters underground podcast art

The Hunter's Underground Podcast

October 31, 2022 episode of the Hunter's Underground Podcast. Mark, John and Curtis tell all of our funny, embarrassing and dangerously spooky stories from our outdoor adventures. 

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